Put the words "Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)" (Blogger)

If you see the link "Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)" (English: Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)) in Blogger unnecessary and aesthetic loss, you can skip this line in 2 ways. Please choose the appropriate way to perform.

- You Design, Edit HTML, check Expand widget templates box.
- Next, you only need to do one of two ways below:
Method 1:
Press Ctrl + F to find the code:

You insert this code below before ]]></b:skin>:

.feed-links{display:none !important;}

Method 2:
Press Ctrl + F to find and delete this code below:

<b:include data='feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/> 
- Save the form to complete.
-Wish you success dentist!

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